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Why should I trust the rankings?

Ryan Mulvany
posted this on April 13, 2010 10:11

Most sites rank businesses according to a 1-5-star rating system. But that doesn't guarantee that the businesses ranked at the top are the best... we've all seen that business with one 5-star rating by the business owner ranked #1. To find the BEST business, you need to consider how many reviews each business has and more importantly who the reviews came from. But who has the time to read through hundreds of reviews and compare every business? We do! First, we collect reviews from across the Internet to get the most comprehensive picture of each business. Then we weigh each review according to how much credibility the reviewer has to calculate each business' Mojo. Finally, we rank the businesses according to Mojo so that the businesses at the top of our results truly are the best.



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Fat Lester

85% of all internet reviews are fake --- either by a company about itself or by a company about one of its competitors. The 15% that are real are pretty much all made up of deranged, antisocial losers with emotional problems.

January 08, 2014 05:35